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Reggie Hollis

Reggie Hollis comes from a well-off established family, the sort who devote themselves to good works, being magistrates, and quite a bit of outdoor sport. A Schola man, he trained in protective during his apprenticeship. He has three sisters (all of whom fuss about him) and an older brother who died in infancy.   He fights in the trenches in the early years of the Great War, and just before Bound For Perdition has been invalided out due to a lasting injury. In Bear House at Schola, he has an ongoing interest in Materia.  

Appears In

Bound For Perdition‌ (main)

Bound for Perdition
In Bound For Perdition, Lynet has been charged with creating magical journals as part of the War effort. She and her papermaker colleague, Ellis, were successful in a prototype in early 1917, but are now challenged to bring down the costs and make them much more quickly. The only assistance she's offered is Reggie Hollis, who has no relevant skills.
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Schola, Bear House


Marries Lynet Alder in 1918
Three children

Three sisters he's close to.


Protective magics, Materia
Business administration