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Mysterious Arts series

Mysterious Arts focus on various magical arts and crafts - bookbinding to alchemical perfumes, theatre to shoemaking, and more to come. These books can be read in any order.  

The cover of Bound for Perdition has a man and woman silhouetted in dark brown on a green and brown background, with the woman holding a book while the man gestures. An open blank book and pen are inset in the top right corner.

Bound For Perdition

  1917   Reggie Hollis is assigned to assist Lynet Alder Hollis as she develops the magical journals.

Shoemaker's Wife

  1920   When Owen Hubbard returns from the Great War, he and his wife Clara need to figure out how to be married - and solve a problem or two along the way. Includes some of Albion's theatre life.

Two silhouetted figures in 1920s casual clothing. The man is handing the woman a perfume bottle, and she is testing it on the inside of her wrist. The right upper corner has a perfume bottle inset.

Perfect Accord

  1923   Charlotte Edgarton is concerned about her friend - and probably eventual husband's - new friends. When she follows him to a gathering on a remote Somerset estate, she stumbles into a problem. With the help of Lewis Wright, they stand a chance of solving it.

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