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Nocturnal Quarry

A trip to America in 1938 makes it clear how much Alexander Landry's life has changed, as he tends to loose ends, discovers someone from his own past, and does his best to navigate an uncertain future.   Best read after Best Foot Forward.   Museum visits - including to the Metropolitan Museum of Art - are a feature in this novella. Read more about those items and see examples from the museum.  
Content notes for Nocturnal Quarry (click to read)
A character-focused novella (no new romance or relationship) set in 1938 along the East Coast of the United States as the world hurtles towards a second world war with references to various real-world events of that year. The main character confronts part of his past, with conversations, confrontations, and significant decisions. (References to past violence and threats). No on-page sex.

Notable people

Alexander Landry (main, POV)
Geoffrey Carillon (secondary)
Lizzie Penhallow (secondary)


Ytene, and various points along the east coast of the United States, including Washington D.C.; Providence, Rhode Island; Boston, Massachusetts; and New York City.
Related books
Alexander's story begins in Eclipse, and flourishes in Best Foot Forward. More about his family can be found in the Fortier & Landry families arc

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