Schola staff

The Schola staff tend to have long tenures - or very short ones. I've listed them here as relevant to particular books, and there will be more information coming as we move into books set in the late 1930s and 1940s.   (Of course, the professors are not the only people of note! There are a number of teachers of the Trivium classes, research fellows who assist with classes, Infirmary staff, and others. And of course, there are also a number of household staff, cooks, porters assigned to each of the student houses, groundskeepers, and all manner of others. I'm including here only those who have been named in published work so far.)    

1924-1925 school year

(during Eclipse)
Headmaster: Alvis Osborne  

Heads of House:

Albertus Norton : Fox House, Alchemy

Began teaching in 1870, became head of Fox House when Alvis Osbourne became Headmaster in 1895. A talented and focused alchemist, but largely interested only in those students with particular promise, either in Alchemy or in terms of social connections. Fox House.  

Alexander Landry : Ritual

The most recent addition to the Schola staff, Alexander arrives a bare few days before the beginning of the 1924 school year. (See his page for full details.) He was a mentor to Isembard Fortier when Isembard was in school, but up to 1924 has never taught groups of students. Fox House, and member of Dius Fidius. See his page for full details.   

Alvis Osbourne : Headmaster

A teacher since 1860, headmaster since 1895. Somewhat set in his ways, very intellectual, and no patience for students (or staff) who are not. Originally was head of Fox House and taught Alchemy before becoming Headmaster. Lives in rooms on the top floor of the library building. (See Eclipse for events at the end of the year.) Member of Dius Fidius.  

Dipti Acharya : Owl House, Deputy Headmistress, Mathematics

Does all the annoying bureaucratic paperwork Alvis doesn't want to bother with. Teaches Mathematics. She began teaching in 1890 and has been deputy head since 1907. She also appears in Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna. Owl House.  

Helena Trembley : Bear House, Materia

Helena began teaching in 1895, and became head of Bear House fairly quickly. She and Thesan collaborate on an ongoing project. She is steady, reliable, and has no patience for fools. Bear House.  

Isembard Fortier : Protective magics

Isembard begins teaching in the fall of 1923, as well as taking on bodyguard duties for two sons of Council Members, Orion Sisley and Claudio Warren. (See his page for full details.) Fox House and member of Dius Fidius. Fox House. See his page for full details.   

Kelsey Bett : Boar House, Martial 

Began teaching in 1885. Served in the Sudan, was invalided home, and therefore did not fight in the Great War. He and Isembard Fortier get along well, which is helpful when dealing with complementary magical specialities. Boar House.  

Lane Anders : Senior librarian

Began in 1875. She is also mentioned in Magician's Hoard and Chasing Legends. She is agreeable as a person, but has high standards for research and especially treatment of her library materials. Owl House.  

Linta Argonne : Horse House, Flora

She began teaching Flora in 1883, and became head of Horse House in 1898. Her parents are dead, and her husband set her aside for not having children before she became a teacher. Thesan Wain has tea with her every week to check in about their shared house, and Linta was supportive during Tea and Meetings when Thesan was a new teacher. (And ever since.)  

Mumbi Nole : Geometry

Began teaching in 1905 after being widowed. She is one of the four core teachers of the Quadrivium, working closely with Dipti, Zimri, and Thesan (the other three), and thus teaches all students during their early years. Her family came to Albion from Kenya in the previous generation. Bear House.  

Osanna Loft : Librarian

Began in 1918. Isembard Fortier had an ill-advised fling with her in 1923-24, and she does not speak with him, chatting mostly with the Trivium teachers at meals. She is mentioned in Magician's Hoard. Salmon House.  

Raphaela Martin : Healer 

Began in 1880. Widowed young, and Thesan mentions at one point that "she never talks about him when she's remotely on duty, so basically never." She is in charge of the Infirmary and the half-dozen people who help out with shifts during the week. (Serious injuries are usually moved elsewhere, but a school is a never-ending run of minor catastrophes.) Privately educated.  

Richart Hase : Seal House, Sympathetic 

Richart has taught at Schola since 1891, and has been head of Seal House since 1897. One of his secrets is revealed in Magician's Hoard, when Ibis Ward comes to him with a complicated problem.  

Shiva Ahmadi: Salmon House, Incantation

Been at Schola since 1907, and took over as head of Salmon House (despite having been in Seal House himself as a student) when Zimri Hallerton wanted to give it up around 1921. Charming, of Persian descent.  

Thesan Wain : Astronomy 

Began teaching in 1918, as one of the youngest professors to begin teaching in the recent history of the school. Dedicated to getting her students to appreciate the wonders of the cosmos. (See her page for full details.) Horse House.  

Zimri Hallerton : Music

Music professor since 1899. For quite a while, head of Salmon House for a number of years. He is Jewish, and handed over the Head of House duties when he became more observant (and as Thesan says at one point, students will keep having emergencies on Shabbat.) A talented musician, but rather full of himself, and tends to favour students who are musically gifted.  

Chasing Legends

(Changes since spring 1925)
Headmistress: Helena Trembley  

Heads of House:

Borea Leonard : Ritual

Successor to Alexander Landry when he moves on from teaching in 1926-1927. A widow in her late 40s with grown children. Apparently (per Tea and Meetings), the first time in two centuries the Ritual professor was a woman. Also mentioned in Chasing Legends. Owl House.  

Ibis Ward : Materia

Hired as the Materia professor in spring 1926 (his interview is in Tea and Meetings). He is one of the point of view charaters in Chasing Legends, as well as Magician's Hoard. (See his page for full details.) Seal House.  

Former staff

(Prior to 1924)

Mizar Baldwin : Astronomy

Dies in 1918, during Thesan Wain's first year teaching. Longtime astronomy professor with an interest in both Locational and Chronological magics. An excellent teacher of people who love Astronomy, a middling one for everyone else. (Thesan is in many ways a better actual teacher of the subject.) He appears in Tea and Meetings, and Thesan thinks of him in Eclipse at several points. Fox House.