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Protective magics have a number of forms. Some are a key part of Duelling, but otherwise, the focus is on protection of people, and of places (warding.)   Most Protective magic specialists pick an area to focus on - some on buildings, some on smaller objects like safes or cupboards or rooms, some on protective magic items that can be worn or carried. It's also obviously a key skill for many of the Guard. They also often how to learn how to get through protections (to test their own work and improve other people's.)   The magic can be anchored in a variety of ways - carvings, Materia, protective burn marks, inscriptions, embroidered patterns, etc. Because of this, many protective magic specialists also pick up a form or two of handcrafting objects. Most protective magic does need to renewed from time to time.   Protective magic skills are widely taught in the Guard, whether or not someone specialises in it.  


Taught at Schola and from a wide range of specialists during apprenticeship.  


  • Charms to protect people in a space (such as the visitor space in a duelling salle)
  • Buffering against an attack, fall, or sudden event.
  • Noticing that someone or something is out of place, situational awareness
  • Protection before doing some other dangerous magic (alchemy, materia work, etc.)
  • Charms against bad weather, stumbling, falls, etc. on clothing or shoes.
  Warding spaces can:
  • Alert someone that there is an intruder.
  • Keep people out (harder over a large distance)
  • Make someone who shouldn't be somewhere feel uncomfortable (like a shop's back room.)
  • Trap someone who is in a place they shouldn't be.


Forged in Combat¬†sees Melusina (and Arthur) demonstrate some of the applications of protective magic skills.¬†   Isembard Fortier is responsible for the wards at Schola as the Protective Magics professor. (They alert him if students sneak out and into dangerous locations at night, among other uses. Students will student.)   Robin uses a protective charm in Fool's Gold.  

Notable experts