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Forged in Combat

Arthur Gospatrick was raised to be a military man from birth. Melusina Whymark wants to make her own way. When they initially meet, she has no time for an Army man, but several years later they are thrown together in Calcutta in 1882, where he might be the only way to achieve her particular goals of the moment.   This prequel novella (the story of Arthur and Melusina's romance) will be available for free in the spring of 2023.  
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Set mostly in 1882 in Calcutta, India while Lord Ripon was Viceroy. Lord Ripon was on the more progressive side, but this book touches on issues of empire, imperialism, racism, and everything else inherent in the time and place. The plot, however, focuses on a specific magical challenge in the Viceroy’s Palace, rather than anything directly political. Hero is in the Army. Prequel featuring the parents of the hero in Carry On.

Notable people

Melusina Gospatrick (main)
Arthur Gospatrick (main)


Trellech and Calcutta, @india
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Melusina and Arthur both appear at the end of Carry On, their son Roland's romance.
Cover of Forged in Combat. A man and a woman in silhouette on a teal green background. She is wearing a Victorian bustle dress, his clothing fits with military uniform of the time. A bright red hibiscus highlights the top corner of the cover.

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