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Seal House

One of the seven Schola houses. The house magics focus on liminal magic and transformation. They gather in The Shore, one of the House clubs in Trellech's Club Row.   During Eclipse, Richart Hase is Seal's Head of House.  

Colours and symbols

  • Colours: Sea blue and black
  • Stone: Light blue stones: aquamarine, light sapphire, blue topaz, turquoise, sometimes labradorite.
  • Heraldry: sable a sea horse azure
  Seals rarely appear in heraldry, so the House heraldry uses the mythical sea horse instead.

About the house

"It’s the house of the liminal space, of living between land and sea, and never quite fitting either. I’ve thought a lot about that, since.”
Ibis Ward quoting a former prefect in Magician's Hoard
  One little-known fact (discussed in Magician's Hoard) is that the head of Seal House must be able to identify people who are able to shapeshift, whether or not they are able to do so themselves. (See Shapeshifting for more about the implications.)   

Notable characters

Heraldic image: Azure sea horse on a black ground