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Isobel Thomas

Isobel Thomas comes from a sturdy yeoman small farming and crafting family in Yorkshire. Sharp, clever, and a sponge for learning, she attended Schola, enjoying the liminal spaces of Seal House a great deal.    Immediately on leaving school, she apprenticed as a Penelope with Gabriel Edgarton as her apprentice master. As Old As The Hills begins, she's about a year or eighteen months from finishing her apprenticeship.    She has a deceptively innocent English rose appearance, which works quite well for getting people's cooperation during investigations.  

Appears in

Old As The Hills
Old As The Hills
Isobel has been Gabriel Edgarton's apprentice as a Penelope for several years as Old As The Hills begins. When he takes on a key new project for the Council as World War 2 rolls on, she's asked to learn new skills and apply them in surprising ways.
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Schola, Seal House


Apprentice Penelope   Gabriel Edgarton is her apprentice master