Ursula Fortier

Ursula is the elder of Thesan Wain Fortier and Isembard Fortier's two children. She grew up with her brother Leo in rooms on the fourth floor of Schola's central keep, a unique perspective on the world.   She began as a student at Schola in the autumn of 1941 in Fox House. It's a much better fit for her than it was for either her father or godfather, Alexander Landry. She has a gift for social information, and a knack for the complex web of favour trading common in a number of the Great Families.   (Thanks to her parents, she is also a competent duellist, has a solid magical education in a range of fields, and does not disgrace herself when it comes to Astronomy.)  


Schola, Fox House


Daughter of
Thesan Wain and Isembard Fortier   Leo Fortier (brother)   Goddaughter of Alexander Landry   Niece of Livia and Garin Fortier   Niece of Seth Wain, Dilly Wain, and Golshan Soltani


Student at Schola from autumn 1941