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Bear House

One of the seven Schola houses. The house magics focus on Protective and warding magics. They gather in The Cave, one of the House clubs in Trellech's Club Row.   During Eclipse, Helena Trembley is Bear's Head of House.  

Colours and symbols

  • Colours: Blue and silver
  • Stone: A deep blue stone, commonly sapphire, lapis lazuli, or sodalite
  • Heraldry: azure a bear passant argent

About the house

It struck him, then, how much he was thinking like one of Bear House. That burning desire to put himself between danger and what he cared about. It was something Professor Trembley had talked with them about often. It could be a glorious, necessary, life-changing thing, to let all those instincts and all the training he’d had come out. And it could also be incredibly dangerous, for him and for others around, if he didn’t keep his control.

Notable characters