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Dwellers At The Forge

One of the secret societies at Schola, the Dwellers At The Forge have a decidedly Promethean and progressive bent. They're not picky about how they do that, either - some press for progress with words, some with inventing potions or devices, some through politics.   One of the smaller societies, they usually add one or two people each year, but members tend to remain close and actively supportive as adults. The society owns a sizeable Georgian house not far from the judicial courts, with a variety of public spaces on the ground floor, and private rooms on the upper floors for workrooms and bedrooms for members as needed.   They make meeting spaces and connections available for those outside the Dwellers who are working on similar goals and projects, including a 24-hour kitchen staff, sleeping rooms, and a wide range of useful items in their attics. They also maintain a working forge in the courtyard at the back of their property.   The Dwellers are a significant part of Point By Point, as well as Galen Amberly and Martin Taylor being members in On The Bias.  


The Magic of Four discusses people invited to the Dwellers of the Forger during the 1946-1947 school year.  
“Oh, we run to tinkering, on a physical level. Transformative tinkering, one of our elders put it.” Martin sounded downright cheerful. “But it’s not just making things. I can help things change, that need to be changed, if people read what I write. Or Galen, connecting two people who have a common cause. Supporting the general strike, or pressing for reforms to the examinations for Schola. They depend entirely too much on things one picks up from being,” he gestured towards Galen, “one of his sort of people.”
  They are also required by their oaths to provide accurate accountings to the Guard if relevant.  

Notable connections

  As well as a number of characters in Point By Point : Graham Montague, Lydia Pyle, Thomasina Wallace, Miriam Leventhal, and others.