Edmund Carillon

Edmund Ambrosius Carillon is the eldest child and only son of Geoffrey Carillon and Lizzie Penhallow Carillon. His younger sisters are Merry (Meraud) and Rosie (Rosie).   He lives at Ytene in the New Forest.   In 1938, Edmund was formally named as his father's Heir. He attended Schola in Owl House, like his father. From 1935, Alexander Landry has taken a particular interest in his magical training.   He appears briefly during the Council Rites for the Summer Solstice in 1945 in Three Graces, making the offerings since his father is abroad, and escorting his mother. At that point he is doing Intelligence analysis work based in London, and informally apprenticing with Alexander Landry when time allows on both sides.  


Schola, Owl House


Son of Lizzie and Geoffrey Carillon   Merry (sister)
Rosalba (sister)


At Schola through 1944   Mentored by Alexander Landry