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Ferry Wright Pride

Feronia Wright (known to her friends as Ferry) was born on 15 October 1897 to an impoverished but well-bred family, the Cumbria Wrights.   She attended Schola, and became part of Horse House. Once she left school, her parents attempted to arrange a marriage for her. Instead, she took up a position as a governess in the New Forest, where she met Pross Gates.   Ferry is featured in Outcrossing and appears briefly in On The Bias.

Appears in

Outcrossing (main)
On The Bias
In October 1921, about six months before the opening of Outcrossing, Ferry became governess to the Bainbridge family. The parents are benignly neglectful of their children (Cardea and Caelus, who are 10 and 8 during that book).   Ferry enjoys teaching them, but they can be a handful. She splits care of the children with their nanny, who adores and fusses over them. Nanny Ogden is pleasant, but would much rather have the children with her, so she can fuss over them, except for actual teaching time.   In Outcrossing, Ferry meets and falls in love with Rufus Pride, whose family has lived in the New Forest for generations.   They marry in 1923, and they have at least one child, a daughter, born in 1925. (Outcrossing, Epilogue) Rufus becomes the head of the stables for Lord Geoffrey Carillon , and Ferry begins an apprenticeship in weaving, focusing on tapestry and textile restoration.
On The Bias
Ferry appears briefly when Cassie visits Ytene to meet her at the portal and show her to the library.
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Married name

Ferry Pride


Schola, Horse House


Marries Rufus Pride in 1923
Anna (daughter)
Stanley (son)
Jasper (son)
Sophie (daughter)


Governess through early 1922   Weaver and tapestry restorer