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Rhoe Belisama

Healer Rhoe Belisama

Rhoe is a Healer and sworn priestess of Belisama, based at the Temple of Healing in Trellech. She is a member of Many Are The Waters.   She was born into a well-off and well-positioned family as Alexandra Smythe-Clive, and is very close with her brother Cyrus Smythe-Clive. Just prior to Sailor's Jewel, she takes on the name Rhoe Belisama as part of her commitments in the next stage of her career as a Healer.   At the beginning of Sailor's Jewel she is taking a short trip on The Moonstone with her brother Cyrus before taking up new duties at the Temple of Healing. During the trip, she meets Hugh Pelagius, a member of the family who owns the shipping line.   Rhoe lends her help in Carry On, and she and her husband make a brief appearance at a party in Eclipse.  

Appears In

Sailor's Jewel (main)
Carry On

Sailor's Jewel
During Sailor's Jewel, Rhoe meets Hugh Pelagius, younger half-brother of the owner of the Pelagius Lines. He is still trying to find his feet in the business in the year and change since his father's death. She mentions she is a member of Many Are The Waters in one of their conversations.   Together - with Rhoe's brother Cyrus and Nerissa (one of Merope's Speakers), they navigate the social challenges of first-class travel, pacify one of the Ones Below, and get the jewel Cyrus is conveying safely to Boston.   After the journey, Rhoe and Hugh begin to build their relationship, and marry in 1902, about a year after the end of the book.
Carry On
In Carry On, Rhoe has been head of the healing baths for a number of years. She first consults with Elen Morris about Roland Gospatrick's treatment, and then helps when Elen is accused of failing at her duties.
Rhoe and her husband make a brief appearance at a party in Eclipse.
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Schola, Fox House  


Many Are The Waters


Sister of Cyrus Smythe-Clive   Marries Hugh Pelagius in 1902
Saewine (son)
Halcyone (daughter)


Head of the Baths at the
Temple of Healing from 1901