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Galen Amberly

Galen Amberly is the younger son of the Amberly Family. Educated at Schola, in Fox House , he became good friends with Martin Taylor in their first year, and they are both members of Dwellers At The Forge.   After finishing school, he came back to the newly established family home in the Isles of Scilly, where (at the start of In The Cards), he is living with his parents, his brother Julius, and occasional house guests.  

Appears In

In The Cards‌ (POV)
Point By Point‌ (main)

In The Cards
Much of the background of Galen, Martin, and Galen's brother Julius comes out in the course of In The Cards . Galen and Martin became friends after being accepted into the secret society, the Dwellers At The Forge during their first year at Schola, and have been inseparable ever since.   As the book begins, Laura Penhallow has been invited to the Amberly home for a few days, in the hopes that she and Galen might find each other compatible. It quickly comes out that Galen's father has been making some questionable decisions, then there's a murder, and Galen, Martin, and Laura have to work together to find the culprit.   Julius, a recluse at the time of the book, suffered significant facial injuries during the Great War. Following the book, he is able to set up a better life for himself, but Galen takes over the family business interests.
Point By Point
Point By Point takes places a year after In The Cards, Galen is approached by Lydia Pyle to help her make her name as a journalist. He plays his part as a young man finding his way in the world and coming into his own - and in the process, he and Lydia discover they work very well together, even when the situation gets dangerous.
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Schola, Fox House


Dwellers At The Forge  


Partner of Lydia Pyle from 1926   Best friend of Martin Taylor   Brother of Julius Amberly


Family import business and land holdings