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Trying to figure out when specific events in the books took place? I have four different timeline options for you. You'll also find events specific to particular characters on the pages (along with the books and stories where they are a point of view character or especially relevant.)  

Books and major events

Looking for a basic overview? Start with the books and major events timeline to see all the books (published novels and novellas) as well as a few key historical events.  

Books and extras

The Books and extras timeline includes all the published novels and novellas in chronological order. But it also includes the scenes from all of the extras (which often take place over a wider span of time.) You can also click through to the page for each extra for an overview of when each scene or sequence in the extra takes place.  

Character events

If you're looking for more information about the timing of events in characters lives, this is the timeline you want. It includes birth dates, marriages (if the date is specifically referenced in text somewhere in my work), as well as the dates for Council challenges and some professional changes.   It focuses on events related to point of view characters, but I'm glad to add additional information if it's helpful - just drop me a note.  

Publication order

Some people like to read in publication order, so you can also check out that list if you prefer to read that way.

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