Publication order

Some people prefer to read in publication order, so here's that. I release four novels a year, in February, May, August, and November, as well as (the past couple of years) some novellas and extras in and around them.  


Outcrossing (novel)


Goblin Fruit (novel)
Magician's Hoard (novel)
The Size of the Bog (extra)
Wards of the Roses (novel)
Giles interviews assistants (brief extra at the link)
In The Cards (novel)


On The Bias (novel)
Unexplored Territory (extra)
Seven Sisters (novel)
A Dog's Chance (short story)
Pastiche (novel)
Carry On (novel)


The Fossil Door (novel)
Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna (extra)
Eclipse (novel)
Sailor's Jewel (novel)
Complementary (novella)
Tea and Meetings (extra)
Fool's Gold (novel)
Winter Charms (novella collection)


The Hare and the Oak (novel)
Point By Point (novel)
Mistress of Birds (novel)
Ancient Trust (novella, free to mailing list subscribers)
With All Due Speed (extra)
Best Foot Forward (novel)
Forged in Combat (novella)


Bound For Perdition (novel)
Nocturnal Quarry (character-focused novella)
Old As The Hills (novel)


See Forthcoming books for the known upcoming titles.

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