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In 1910, Elizabeth Mason is assigned to investigate a curious magical influence at an artists colony on the coast of Norfolk. Working together with Rosemary Ditson, the midwife who spotted the oddness, they have to navigate the dynamics of the community, figure out what's happening, and make sure a baby's born alive and well.   
Content notes for Complementary (click to read)
Lesbian (f/f) romance. Includes a main character who is neurodiverse (ADHD, though she doesn’t have the words for that) and who is of Malaysian, Dutch, and English ancestry and visibly brown. A significant character treats a long-term partner badly, including gaslighting. Includes a late-term pregnancy and off-screen healthy birth of a baby. No on-page sex. Only one bed trope.

Notable people

Elizabeth Mason (main)
Rosemary Ditson (main)
Richard Edgarton (secondary)

  Also: various artists and people who claim to be artists.


Guard Hall : Norfolk coast
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Cover of Complementary. Two women in Edwardian dress in silhouette stand talking with each other. One is taller and calmer, the other is shorter, gesturing. They are on a green background, with an artist's palette in the bottom right.