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A Dog's Chance

"A Dog's Chance" is a short story of about 6,000 words. It features Anna Walter and Una Doran, along with Una's dog, Madin. Also full of magical dusk-spines, Anna and Una trying to figure each other out, and a few bemusing events.   It takes place in 1921 in London.  
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Why this story?

  “A Dog’s Chance” came about because of a benefit anthology, Her Magical Pet, coordinated by Rachel Manija Brown in 2020. It features fourteen stories of women in love and their adorable magical pets. (Proceeds from the anthology are donated to OutRight Action International, and there are other great stories in the collection - check it out!)   When I saw the call for stories, I immediately thought of two women who had appeared, unnamed, in two different books. They are dressed as Upper and Lower Egypt (the cobra and the vulture) at the pairs party early in Goblin Fruit, and they make a brief appearance during the party at the end of On The Bias .   And don’t worry, they’ll appear again! After writing this story, I definitely warn more of Anna and Una. And of course, Madin.