Forthcoming books

Because of the way I write and edit, I have a good idea what's going to be coming next. This page is a way for me to collect a bit of information about those books, so you can look forward to additional stories. Click through a little additional info! (As always, my newsletter is the best place to get the latest news.)  

Ancient Trust

Summer 2022
Geoffrey Carillon inherits his title in early 1922. (Novella, not a romance, free for all newsletter subscribers!)  

Mistress of Birds.

August 2022
Apples, orchards, birds, and the odd movement of time in 1927. (Novel)  

Forged in Combat

Late summer 2022
Arthur Gospatrick and Melusina Whymark's romance in 1882. (Novella, will be free.)  

Best Foot Forward.

November 2022
Enemies to "It's complicated", Alexander Landry and Geoffrey Carillon against munitions dealers in 1935. (Novel plus a novella.)  

Bound For Perdition.

February 2023
Bookbinding and the magical journals in the midst of the Great War (1917). (Novel.)  

Nocturnal Quarry

Spring 2023
Alexander Landry has a visit to America that leaves him with some time to look into a few loose and dangling threads. (Novella, not a romance.)  

Old As The Hills.

May 2023
Gabe and Rathna Edgarton apply their particular magical skills in 1940. (Novel with established romance.)