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Books with context

Want to know where to find books that have a specific aspect or thing in common? This page is here to help. This list does (out of necessity) include some basic spoilers for the contents of the books.   The lists are grouped by topic and are in order by the date that book begins. Click on the label you're interested in to reveal the list.  
  • Groups and organisations (including professions)
  • Connections (family, romantic, etc.)
  • Identity
  • Magic
  • Disabilities and chronic health
  • Structure (tropes, more gentle plots, no on-page sex)
  To find other books that feature a specific character, check out that person's page.   Last updated as of Perfect Accord, February 2024. Includes information about some not-yet-released titles.  

Groups and organisations

Guard and Penelopes
The Guard and Penelopes work closely together.
Temple of Healing and Healers
Temple of Healing and Healers
The Arts


Close friends and collaborators
Parents and children
See the Edgarton family arc and the Carillon family arc for more about those families.  
First relationship
Previously married


Diverse backgrounds
(characters with backgrounds outside of Albion)  
(noted when it is particularly relevant to the character or book)   Polytheistic practice:   Jewish:
  • The Fossil Door (Avigail is Jewish, Rathna apprenticed there)
  • Old As The Hills (Getting innocents out of Germany. Navigating religious preferences and identity in difficult settings.)
  Hindu   Christian
(A number of these characters appear in other books as well.)   ADHD:   Autistic:
Class & class differences
Aristocratic (focusing on living up to the obligations in Albion)   Navigating class differences:
Older protagonists
Due to the time period, how characters would identify themselves varies widely. Books listed here have significant on-camera presence of someone who'd fit into the list.   Gay:   Bisexual   Lesbian   Asexual spectrum   Polyamorous


Land magic
The Fatae and the Pact
Fatae and The Pact.
Magical beings

Disabilities and chronic health

Blindness   Chronic health issues   Deafness   Injuries with ongoing implications   Migraines   Tuberculosis
Mental and emotional
Addiction Anxiety: Depression Grief (recent)   Grief (longstanding)   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, shell shock, related issues
Curses and magical damage   Stigmatised magical abilities


Arranged marriage to love match   Only one bed   Enemies to "It's complicated"   Forced proximity   Friends to lovers   Villain redeemed
No on-page sex

Series & Arcs