Council arc

The Council helps manage the obligations of The Pact and the intricacies of the land magic. An increasing number of books deal with their particular interests, with more to come. Listed in chronological order.  

Sailor's Jewel

  1901   Cyrus is on a trip when the jewel he is transporting for a Council project attracts unexpected attention.

Cover of Eclipse, with a man and woman wearing academic robes in silhouette on a twilight blue and sunset orange background. She is gesturing up toward the sky. A telescope is inset in the top left.


  1924   Thesan's growing friendship with Isembard bring her into the social circles of the Council.

The Hare and the Oak

  1926   Cyrus and Mabyn, both members of the Council, take on solving a problem with inheritance of the land magic.

Best Foot Forward

  1935   Carillon needs Alexander's help to get an alchemist out of Germany, bringing Alexander's experiences with the Council into sharp focus.

Old As The Hills

  1939-1940   Gabe is working on a project for the Council when events bring him even more closely into their work.

Upon A Summer's Day

  1940, immediately following Old As The Hills   Gabriel Edgarton's answer to a particular question.   Alexander Landry is also a point of view character and Cyrus Smythe-Clive, Mabyn Teague and a number of other Council members make significant appearances.

Three Graces

  1945, after the end of the war in Europe.

Lizzie Penhallow Carillon, Alysoun Edgarton, and Thesan tackle an old mystery in hopes of justice and answers. (Includes a challenge for the Council and some changes due to the end of the war.)

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