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Avigail Edgarton

Avigail Edgarton is the youngest child and youngest daughter of Gabriel Edgarton¬†and Rathna Stone Edgarton. So far, she seems to take after her father in terms of magical skill and creativity.   She's named for her mother's apprentice mistress, Avigail Levy who died a few months before she was born. (Gabe and Rathna followed the elder Avigail's Jewish customs in naming, where you do not name a child for a living person.)   She, her brother Anthony, and sister Rowena Edgarton all grew up at Veritas with their parents, Gabe's parents Alysoun Edgarton and Richard Edgarton, and Magni Torham and Gilbert Oxley in residence, as well as other chosen family and household staff.   Avigial begins at Schola in 1945. She's good friends with Rosalba Carillon, who is the same age and also a ferociously good rider.    
Old As The Hills
Avigail is the only one of Gabriel and Rathna Edgarton's children living at home as Old As The Hills begins (Anthony is at tutoring school and Rowena is at Schola.) She is sensitive to her mother's absence, and relieved when things turn out all right.
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Daughter of Gabe and Rathna Edgarton   Rowena (sister)
Anthony (brother)


Student at Schola from September 1945