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The Research Society

The Research Society is the premier organisation for those interested in research in all its forms in Albion. Their main building in London's Bedford Square unites three Georgian homes, allowing space for the favoured of the members to have offices, as well as offices for research fellows.    The society is meant to be a place to find and connect with experts on various topics, as well as support ongoing detailed academic research in the magical community beyond what the Five Schools, the Trellech Library, or the Academy at Oxford focus on.    A handful of Fellows get appointments each year, usually to support projects of general public interest, while also providing those Fellows with a chance to focus on their research (rather than having to work additional jobs.)    Magician's Hoard deals with goings-on at the Research Society, where Ibis Ward is a fellow and Pross Gates wishes to confer and get some expert advice. A number of other members appear in the course of the book.