Divine Pantheon

Deity Alignment Domain Symbol
Asmodeus, god of tyranny LE Trickery Six-pointed, interlocking star
Avandra, goddess of change and luck CG Freedom Three stacked wavy lines
Bahamut, god of justice and nobility LG Life, War Dragon’s head, in profile, facing left
Corellon, god of magic and the arts CG Magic Intricately woven crescent moon
Csijo, god of the sea and destruction CE Tempest, Destruction Concentric circles and octagons
Graz'zt, god of lust and pain CN Pleasure Interwoven six-pointed star
Gruumsh, god of war CE War Triangular eye with bony protrusions
Ioun, goddess of knowledge N Knowledge Shepherd's staff with stylized eye
Lolth, goddess of spiders and lies CE Trickery Eight-pointed star with a web motif
Moradin, god of creation LG Knowledge, War Flaming anvil
Morrigan, goddess of death LN Death, Fate Raven’s head, in profile, facing left
Mystra, goddess of arcane magic LN Magic Encircled, eight-pointed star
Naphora, god of chaos and crisis CE Tempest Eight curved arrows in a spiral
Orcus, god of evil and the undead CE Darkness A mace with the letter O for its head
Pelor, god of the sun and agriculture NG Life, Light Two layered circles with radiating points
Tharizdun, god of madness CE Trickery Jagged counter-clockwise spiral
Tiamat, goddess of wealth, greed, and vengeance LE War Five-pointed star with curved points
Vecna, god of secrets NE Death, Knowledge Four claws attached above a hollow eye


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