Lady Mallory

Lady Mallory is a wizard--or witch, if you were to ask the residents of Witchmill who named their town for her. She resides in a massive tower built along the Wyrmtail River to the west of The Fellgleam.


Mallory is extremely reclusive. Although she is revered by those living in the shadow of her tower, few claim to have actually met her in person, and fewer still seem to know very much specifically about her. The one shared certainty seems to be that her magic has allowed the town of Witchmill to flourish, and most in the town seem content to leave it at that.



For all the mystery that surrounds Lady Mallory, her affluence is indisputable. Her tower is a daunting sight to behold, rising hundreds of feet above the Wyrmtail River and featuring innumerable, complex runic designs.


Few have ventured into the higher levels of her tower, but the foyer--which operates as a magic item shop under the care of Janice--is magnificently decorated. The spotless marble walls are inlaid with opal blossom in intricate patterns and every surface gleams in the daylight.

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Yvonne Strahovski

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