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The Kor Ellin Massacre

I stand before these ashes of my making

among those who watched my hands betray them.

How cruel to finally understand

these steps I couldn't stop taking and

the strings being pulled across time.

So to the friends I leave behind:

May condemning me grant the amnesty

I will doubtless be denied.

Algernon by B. Fareyes excerpt from The Book of Leaves


The Kor Ellin Massacre was a tragedy that took place in the home of Mayor Zakarias Orlane on 19 Arc Infinia, 1166CR. It occurred during the town's celebration of its deliverance from the dark influence of certain drow wizards by The Party.


Thirty-two people were killed instantly in a potent Fireball cast (after a fashion) by Algernon the Tall. The mayor himself, Mathilde and her daughter Lorna (with whom she had only just been reunited) were counted among the dead.


The Devil in the Details

While it is factually correct to say that Algernon was responsible for the massacre, it is important to note that he committed it without malice. The event can, in hindsight, be explained as a tragic inevitability of the party's dealings with Sinfarena.


It remains unclear the extent to which Sinfarena predicted or directly influenced the event itself. It may be possible that she somehow distantly identified and siezed an opportunity to inflict the cruelty for which she is legendary. It may also be that she orchestrated the confluence of events leading to the tragedy in the first place. However, the appearance of the first entry in The Book of Leaves almost seems to evidence the latter. This entry would, in fact, appear modified to include a previously-missing title and author upon Murmus' next inspection thereof.


In any case, Algernon's agreement to provide "a spell" in exchange for her breaking his Curse of Crossbones (coinciding with Murmus' relinquishing "a friend" for the same reason) resulted in the deaths of thirty-two people and changed the course of the party's lives forever.


Immediate Aftermath

Although nearly the entire town was in attendance, fortunately not all could fit inside the mayor's home at once. Many of Kor Ellin's citizens survived, but understandably scattered in fear following the blast. They would not hear another word from the party before the six departed Kor Ellin, headed east toward Necine.


Before their departure, however, the party identified the corpses of Lorna and Mathilde and, after removing them from the burning home, spoke briefly with them via Johann VonGruppen's Speak With Dead spell. Though limited in their conversation, the party thought to ask whether the two wanted to be revived. To this, each replied that they did not know. Afterward, the party managed to store them (as respectfully as possible) inside Grihymm Phrahdrandon's Bag of Holding.


Finally, after spending the time to prepare the spell, Murmus Bigtoe would cast Gentle Repose on each before vowing to bring them back.


Additional Ramifications

Left in something of a lurch, the party decided that the best move would be to head for Necine. There they hoped to find someone able to perform the powerful magic required to revive their friends. Faewynn Treewalker was able to contact Cid, who was offered to pick them up the following morning to expedite that journey. This particular flight on the Night Rider would prove less jovial than others, but Cid was mercifully not the type to ask very many questions.


Having also a much clearer perspective on the extent of Sinfarena's cruelty, Grihymm Phrahdrandon would soon resolve to request a modification of his oath to Pelor. What once was an oath of devotion would become instead an oath of vengeance upon the hag who had just inflicted such casual atrocity.


Beyond these, the full repercussions of the massacre are as yet unknowable.

Conflict Result
32 civilian casualties

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