Inibis Valmeia

Inibis Valmeia is a Tiefling sorcerer and one of Acaelica's three voltas (often called The Three). As the only female member of that group, she is generally understood to be the single most powerful woman alive--at least with respect to command of the arcane. She is additionally considered to be among the most attractive women in Acaelica.


At 28 years old, she is also the youngest by far of the Three.



Born and raised in Necine, the city has come to reflect her colorful, capricious (and many would say chaotic) sensibilities. Necine's cultural (and even architectural) identity has undergone a total overhaul during Inibis' lifetime, and it is no secret that she is directly responsible for it--intentionally or otherwise.


She is beloved to near unanimity (in some cases to the point of worship) within the city limits. This unanimity, however, arrives only after the exodus of many former Necini who found themselves unable or unwilling to contend with the volume and excitement of a city run by Inibis. Despite this, the population of the city has actually increased during this time, as many have flocked to "the new Necine" for exactly the reasons that many abandoned it.


Although she claims no official title and repeatedly defers all "political matters" to City Hall, Inibis' opinions are quite literally uncontestable (even when they affect the entire city). Those approaching "opposition" have reliably gone silent or missing since Inibis was a teenager. What remains is a city defined by her whims, including a City Hall that impressively manages to keep Necine operational despite bowing to her in all matters.


Public Opinion

Although tieflings in Acaelica are viewed unfairly by many with derision (as a result, perhaps, of the abyssal tieflings who fought alongside the demons during The Demon War), Inibis in particular reminds many of the chaotic qualities they feared so deeply in the demon invaders.


Outside of Necine, she is viewed most commonly with mistrust or fear. However, despite these predilections, she is still regarded favorably by many, as her role in defeating the demons during The Scourge of Acaesura is unquestioned.


The Scourge of Acaesura

With Palasar Tolthik and Taslyn Cordaer, Inibis traveled to Acaesura during The Demon War in order to combat the demon
Chaotic Neutral
Currently Held Titles
Biological Sex
Glowing orange
Skin Tone
Pale pink


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