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The Fellgleam

The Fellgleam is a nexus. It is the vertex of uncountable planes and worlds beyond your knowing.


Some of the tallest trees in this forest started as seeds a thousand years ago, and yet taller trees have appeared even more recently than you. You could walk 10 miles from this camp in any direction and manage to touch opposite ends of the multiverse.

Khol Nazalk

The Fellgleam is a forest in the eastern region of Acaelica. It takes its name from the faint, apparently sourceless glow visible amid the trees at night. It is widely regarded as haunted; few venture into it, and fewer exit afterward.


The forest is host to a number of ancient ruins which mysteriously shift, disappear and reappear as time passes.It also secretly concealed Crossbones before the camp was deconstructed some time during The Party's first journey through The Feywild.



The Fellgleam itself is a shifting landscape, as different planes of the Multiverse bleed together and leave lasting impacts on the forest. Specifically, there are numerous ruins and structures that seem to be of wildly different times and origins--some remaining for long periods, some appearing only briefly.


Flora & Fauna

The Fellgleam is home to an indeterminate amount of unique species of plants and creatures, including beautiful, vibrant flowers and terrifying monsters. The ecosystem is quite unlike any other in Acaelica.


The swampy, northwestern reaches of the forest are home to several rare species of flora and fauna as well. This includes both the Swamp Boar and the Glassleaf vine.

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The Haunted Woods
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