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The Amberwood is a seemingly endless expanse of sundrenched forest in the Everbright region of The Feywild. It is a dense (though passable) deciduous forest which sits under a perpetual afternoon sun. The upper leaves turn bright shades of yellow and gold as they become saturated with sunlight, while the lower leaves remain lush and green. If the trees are pierced, the sap they drip glows with the light of the sun. The Amberwood notably contains The House Without within its borders.


The Amberwood represents the last vestige of what was once the Autumn Lands. The Autumn Queen had long considered these woods to be her favorite place in all of the fey, but she has expressed only disdain for them since her defection to the Unseelie Court.


The Party first visited these woods with the guidance of Twig Treefog in order to meet Sinfarena.

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