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Witchmill is the greatest town in the history of Acaelica as long as you like magic, boats, and the color pink. I myself love these things, as you know. There just wasn't enough for me to share, so I left.


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Witchmill is a town of about 1100 people, built along The Wyrmtail River. Constructed in the shadow of Lady Mallory's tower, the residents claim to owe their comfort and security to the "witch" who protects them.





Witchmill citizenry is predominantly human and elf, with an appreciable number of half-elves unsurprisingly as a result. There are also smaller pockets of dwarven and halfling populations as well.



Witchmill is governed by a volunteer city council. Their chief responsibilities are settling internal disputes and acting as liaisons to the reclusive Lady Mallory, who is regarded as sovereign by the citizens of Witchmill's in all but name. The majority of the town operates in a quasi-socialist state, with everyone sharing wealth to improve the town and its defenses. This seems to be a fortunate side effect of the substantial riches available to the small populace.



Witchmill's wealth is derived primarily through the trade of a special pigment produced from the opal blossoms that seem to grow exclusively in its surrounding area. The pigment is used in much of the town's architecture and fashion, and is sold for high prices to many people and businesses across the continent.


In addition to this, Witchmill is a well-known center for the magical item trade. It supplies artifacts, weaponry, and other arcana to all takers in Acaelica.


Guilds and Factions

Kairos previously had a presence within the town's gates, but was eventually relocated to a larger establishment to the south. The relocation was mutually beneficial, affording a peace of mind to those concerned about more powerful adeventurers making trouble in the town and a new independence for guild operations.



Witchmill, in its present state, did not truly exist until roughly 1003 CR. Although Lady Mallory is often credited as its founder, there was previously the small village of Cameron--itself constructed about 70 years prior on the lands where Witchmill now thrives.


Home to approximately 200 people (comprised chiefly of humans, halflings and dwarves), Cameron was initially a resounding success. Its settlers had previously identified the land to be extremely fertile as a result of frequent flooding from the Wyrmtail River's, and these early settlers constructed a dam that was extremely stout and revolutionary in its design. They managed to protect the area south of the river enough to build permanent residences and cultivate farmland for the first time in the region's history.


However, their success would not last forever. Eventually, despite meticulous upkeep and maintenance on the part of Cameron's citizens, the dam would fail--wiping out the entire town, its farms, its libraries, and many of its citizens. The following months saw the arrival of Lady Mallory who--with some extremely powerful magic--was able to get the river back under control. After this, she hired the services of a group of eladrin architects to construct a new, magical dam which protects the town to this day. The identities and names of these feyborn elves she has kept secret to this day.


With the new damn in place, the river became a resource instead of a threat. The Bluvil Brothers identified the potential for harnessing the specially channeled waterflow for milling, and they constructed the three mills around which the present-day town of Witchmill grew.

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