The Iron Oar

The Iron Oar is a small but popular inn located on Witchmill's western island. It is owned and operated by the Brant family, comprised of Aiden, Willa and young Gareth.


The Party's First Stay

During their first visit to Witchmill, The Party initially sought to stay at the more illustrious Gambit inn. However, after finding Sheldon's prices too steep for their liking, they opted instead to stay at the Iron Oar. That is, except for Murmus Bigtoe, who had his own lodgings arranged at Walcott's Smithy.


Murmus aside, it was here that the rest of the group first saw a Receiver Pane and learned about Castian's popular Not Far Off programme.


The Party's Second Stay

The party would later revisit the Iron Oar after their return from The House Without to have Lady Mallory's 's collars removed from their necks. This time, however, they would not pay for their rooms.


Instead, deciding (largely at the behest of Murmus) that they help Lorna find her missing mother in Kor Ellin, their friend was able to get their rooms comped for them.

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