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Day 30 of Arc Infinia (1166 CR)

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You that seek what life is in death Now find it air that once was breath. New names unknown, old names gone: Till time end bodies, but souls none. --excerpt from Caelica 83


The continent of Acaelica floats adrift and alone on the Prime Material Plane, her only sister obliterated just over ten years ago in a cataclysm that ended the Demon War. But death and destruction were not all that remained when the dust settled. Ozcymath and his horde had invaded for a reason... and its nature did not escape those responsible for his defeat.


Somewhere on the Prime, the demon lord had promised, an artifact of fate was patiently biding its time. In his final moments, the enemy would reveal that an unbound Divine Spark--a kind of arcane conduit able to bestow godhood upon one strong enough to wield it--still awaits its master in Acaelica.


With Ozcymath gone, the sorcerers who together crushed him now hunt the Spark for themselves. Justly reputed to be the three most powerful people alive, they are called the Voltas; and they know--just as Acaelica knows--that only one may claim this prize. In so doing, they will enter into the Divine Pantheon... alongside any agendas they carry there with them.


Many have made their allegiances known, seeking to curry favor with whom they would see ascend. Most know better than to hedge their bets but others dare to try. Beyond them all, there is the Party--homeless, cursed by an ancient hag, and still oblivious to their role in this so-called Ascension War.


Hell, most of them don't even know how they got here.


the Party


the Luminaries


the World

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