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Hunter's Wood

The Hunter's Wood is a dense but sparsely populated coniferous forest which stretches across most of the Twilight region of The Feywild. It is the hunting ground where Faen the Dreadwolf prowls and Lughier the Hunter (for whom the wood is named) tracks him across time. Other dangers lurk here here as well, such as the abhorrent pipers and their malicious music which can manipulate--and even control--the creatures who hear it.


The Hunter and the Wolf

Most fey know to avoid the Hunter’s Wood whenever possible. The Dreadwolf is believed to sense the presence of anyone who enters, and those traversing the forest often find themselves running from Faen or caught up in the endless conflict between the wolf and the one who hunts him.


The Hunter has been hunting Faen since the Feywild came into being. His is one of the stories that makes up the essence of the Feywild itself. Those who enter the forest and find themselves noticed by the Dreadwolf or the Hunter are like to get caught up in their conflict. Lughier may choose to use wanderers as bait to trap Faen whether they consent to it or not. Alternatively, if Faen finds them first, he may trick them into defending him against Lughier. He may also simply devour them.

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The Dreadwolf Woods
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