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The Twlight is a region of The Feywild which exists in a state of perpetual dusk. While darkness never fully arrives, neither does the sun shine upon these lands. The sky is a deep, unchanging purple, through which new stars always are constantly piercing. It is the domain of the Autumn Queen and the Unseelie Court. It is host to Sunhallow, Finders Keep, and the Lake of Echoes, as well as much of the Hunter's Wood.



The Autumn Lands

The Twilight was originally the Autumn Lands--part of the Seelie Court and bathed constantly in a warm sunlight from a cloudless sky. A chilly but pleasant breeze regulated the temperature perfectly and the colors of fall stretched out into the distance whichever way one looked.


The Stolen Sun

After Sinfarena stole the sunlight, the Autumn Lands quickly began to change into something unrecognizable. The autumn colors drained away and a permanent dusk fell upon the land.


Lit only by starlight and a never-waning full moon, the area remained beautiful but bore little resemblance to the Autumn Queen from whom its original identity had been forged. It has remained this way ever since.

Alternative Name(s)
The Autumn Lands
Planar Sphere/Grouping
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