The Everbright--also called the Summer Lands--is a notably beautiful region of The Feywild beset by perpetual sunrise and summer. It is the polar opposite of the Everdark and the Unseelie Court.


Like the rest of the fey, it is characterized by extremes and absolutes. The inhabitants are no less the product of their environment than the environment is a product of them. In this case, each reflect aspects of Morning Queen and her Seelie Court.



The Everbright (and in particular, the lands surrounding First Light) are every bit as serene as summer itself. The sun constantly shines as though it is just breaking over distant mountains, lending ethereal hues of pink, purple, and orange to the landscape. The temperature is always perfectly comfortable--never too hot nor too cold--and the air smells of fresh-cut grass and flowers.


It has an opiate-like effect on those who travel there. It simiarly possesses addictive qualities that many find impossible to overcome after spending time there.

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The Summer Lands
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