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The Everdark--also called the Winter Lands--is a dark region of The Feywild beset by perpetual night and winter. It is the polar opposite of the Everbright and the Seelie Court.


Like the rest of the fey, it is characterized by extremes and absolutes. The inhabitants are no less the product of their environment than the environment is a product of them. In this case, each reflect aspects of The Queen of Air and Darkness and her Unseelie Court.



The Everdark (and in particular, the lands surrounding Arctis Tor) are every bit as harsh as winter itself. The frozen and wind-wracked mountains are a place where only the strong survive. Numberless deadly predators hunt each other in the snows and struggle for survival and the favor of their Queen.


It is much darker here than in the rest of Feywild, but moonlight and starlight still lend a distinct, aberrant beauty to the icy landscape.

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The Winter Lands
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