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Constructed along the highest peaks of the Sierra Obsidia, Highscale represents the pinnacle of society, stability and progress for many in Acaelica. It is notably the birthplace and home of Palasar Tolthik--its present Khan, one of the three voltas, and perhaps the most powerful man in Acaelica.



In a land that has--throughout its history--been categorized as thoroughly tribalistic and internally isolationist, Highscale's population has still managed to grow to over 75,000 people. This makes it the largest single city in all of Acaelica by a substantial margin. This number, furthermore, does not include the many smaller enclaves and settlements built in its shadow.


The Tolthik Family

Among its citizens, detractors to Tolthik rule are vanishingly small in number and almost entirely silent in expression. The Tolthik Khans of Highscale (of which Palasar is the latest in an unbroken line) have repeatedly stood against every major threat to visit the region. Occasionally, they have also responded to threats to Acaelica at large.


In recent times, these very occasions have come to include his contributions to defeating Ozcymath and ending The Demon War.


The Tolthiks have, without exception to this point, emerged victorious at the end of everything in which they have involved themeslves. They have, as a direct result of this reliability and success, earned the complete trust of their subjects. Even so, the Khans have further endeared themselves with centuries of fair and just rulership over Highscale and the surrounding Dragonlands. For example: although many taxes have been collected for countless generations, they have not created any notable wealth for the Tolthik family.


Instead, this funding is dedicated (in its entirety) to public works and academic, scientific or arcane endeavors. In the last century under Palasar, these works came to include the reforestation around (and purification of) the massive Lake Tolthik, now considered to be among Acaelica's most beautiful and freely accessible landmarks.

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