The Dragonlands

The Dragonlands are an interconnected series of highland plateaus which sprawl out from the shadow of Highscale and the Sierra Obsidia. Originally an immense black sand desert, the area has been principally rendered by dragonfire into the same obsidian from which the nearby mountains derive their name.



The plateaus themselves are, in actuality, the unnatural byproduct of enormous chasms being mined out thousands of years ago by the original settlers to the area. These settlers included (if legend is to be believed) the forebears of the Tolthik family who have dynastically presided over Highscale and its many satellite enclaves.


Viewed from above, the chasms are laid out in distinctly geometric patterns that many have called awe-inspiring. Others believe the patterns to be a divine mystery that conceals untold power. Although scholars have dedicated ample time and resources to studying these patterns, little has come of their research and interest in the topic had dwindled with passing years before Khan Palasar reinvigorated it with his own curiosity.


Society and Tourism

Comprising a total area of nearly 2000 square miles, they represent an immense holy land for many Acaelican dragonborn who make pilgrimages to (and across) the region.


Although deeply cut between the resultant plateaus, the chasms remain well-lit by sunlight, which reflects and diffuses efficiently along the obsidian comprising their walls. With many chasms stretching miles across, a number of small settlements have been constructed along (and into) these same walls. There are even reportedly several nomadic tribes living at the base of the chasms as well.

Alternative Name(s)
The Dragonglass Fields, the Chasms, the Divine and Eternal Dragonlands
Inhabiting Species

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