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The Clockless Tower

The Clockless Tower is a modern Necini landmark and tourist destination located in the central courtyard of the Cauldron district. It was, in fact, originally an unnamed clock tower whose function as a timekeeper was secondary to its use as a teleportation hub for nobles and government officials within Necine. It still serves this latter purpose to this day.


Construction completed in 1100CR and its "grand unveiling" coincided with end-of-the-century celebrations in the city. It served 63 years as the city's official timekeeper before Inibis Valmeia removed the clock and replaced it with a giant Receiver Pane. This pane is now used to farcast everything from Castian's Not Far Off program to reports of current events and even musical performances or standup comedy.


Although Inibis placed Castian himself in charge of its programming and operation, he usually delegates the responsibility to his fan club (who are effectively in charge of its day-to-day operation at this point in time).


Perish Day

The Clockless Tower also plays a significant role in the Perish Day commencement ceremony. During this time, it delivers a live stream of Castian's emcee stylings and the execution bidding process for the prisoners.


As thousands of people gather into the Cauldron to witness the event, the enormous jumbotron-style view and specially amplified sound is helpful for those not early or strong enough to position themselves close to the stage.

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