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Sunhallow is one of the largest (and only) persistent settlements in The Feywild. It is the seat of the Autumn Queen and home to hundreds of eladrin, empyrean dwarves, sprites, and all manner of fey spirits. The city is built upon--and within--an enormous tree made entirely of stone. Its physical size is unmatched anywhere in the Feywild--even to say nothing of its hollowed-out root structure, which forms a massive labyrinth of caves beneath the ground.


The party first visited Sunhallow with the guidance of Twig Treefog and at the behest of Sinfarena. When they first arrived, they met Anselenicus Repudarte Tolthik who was leading an army of twig blights in an assault of the tree's base. Afterwards, the party were captured and led into a prison cell within the tree after the guards mistook them for associates of Anselenicus, with whom they seemed intimately familiar.



Sunhallow was once an ordinary tree--at least as far as ordinary goes in The Feywild. It turned completely to stone after the sun was stolen from the Unseelie Lands--an act which plunged parts of the realm into eternal twilight and others into eternal darkness. It rises up above a massive plain central to the Twilight and is surrounded by a truly immense hedge maze, the likes of which is unrivaled anywhere in the multiverse.


Since turning to stone, the tree itself has been hollowed out by the constant mining of empyrean dwarves in service to the Autumn Queen. This also includes the root structure of tree, which stretches for miles in all directions beneath the ground. Somewhere within these roots is the queen's private vault, from which the party liberated The Book of Leaves as part of a deal with the mysterious Sinfarena.


Architecture & Aesthetic

A large, spiral path is built around the stone tree, allowing for a long journey on foot from the tree's base to its upper boughs (where the city itselfs rests). Houses of all shapes and sizes are constructed into and along the branches of tree. These splay out from a central point near the canopy and are perpetually alight with autumnal colors. These lights shine and diffuse through the tree's glasslike leaves, and conspire to leave the impression of a beautiful, autumnal foliage where none truly exists.


At the center of the city is Sunhallow's largest structure and home of the Autumn Queen: the Stonearbor Palace. The structure is as old as the tree, and was likely turned to stone in the same instant as the tree itself.

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