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Necine (nay-seen)

Necine is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in Acaelica. It is most notable today for being birthplace and home to Inibis Valmeia who presides over the city in all but name.



The city is constructed upon Lake Necine's solitary, central island and is therefore sufficiently elevated to offer vistas of the whole region. These include a view of the ocean to the south and east as well as a look at the spectacular, stormswept Torrents to the north, whose tempests travel reliably southwest away from the city and across The Storm Acre.


These views, combined with its tropical climate and friendly atmosphere, established Necine as a premier holiday destination for many Acaelicans (although they come with a psychological price under Inibis).


Valmeian Influence

Necine has undergone a thorough transformation during the life of its present icon. Before Inibis was seven years old, she could claim responsibility for filling the streets of her city with thousands of unicorns she had evidently conjured from nothing.


As all manner of streetside shops and residences were destroyed or buried beneath ethereal glitter (or some combination of the two), the ensuing chaos represented trying times within the city. Many even lost their lives during the ordeal, though no official death toll was ever recorded, and most who witnessed the events have long since abandoned Necine for quieter atmospheres.


The madness continued for several days and only ceased after the unicorns suddenly transformed into pegasi, who flew off to the east in a massive flock before vanishing on the horizon. Inibis has never officially claimed responsibility for either the unicorns or their massive polymorph, but recent years and the revelation of her true powers have left little doubt in anyone's mind as to the party responsible.


Events such as this would become more common as Inibis aged, though with time they would become less destructive and even planned around. During this period, many attempts were made to appeal to the young sorcerer's reason and compassion for the elder portion of Necini. However, these attempts were largely rebuffed or otherwise ignored by the woman who would be volta.


By her teenage years, Necine's youth had turned Inibis into a cultural icon. At the same time, others pleaded with her to leave the city. Receiving the adoration of fans while recognizing the impotence of her detractors cemented for Inibis that Necine belonged to her.


From there, she began to reshape the city according to her own sensibilities. This has included frequent city-wide parties as well as constant and unexpected magical misadventures for the populace, such as scavenger hunts for powerful spell scrolls and intra-city gladiatorial and arcane competition. It has also seen the vast majority of buildings painted in wild and radiant hues.


This dramatic reshaping of a once laid-back city has resulted in an exodus of all those not ready for a world under Inibis. However, despite this exodus, the city's population has actually increased in the last decade as many of Inibis' supporters have flocked to the city to be part of its excitement--notably including Castian, whose own fans have followed him independently.


Designer Drug Trade

Alchemists in Necine have, in large part, turned their attention to producing new varieties of designer drugs. With Inibis' blessing (and even occasional assistance), alchemy is quickly becoming the most profitable career path within the city limits. Substances like "arcaine" are hugely popular among magic users despite frequently death and debilitation among those who abuse them.


The drugs are sold openly in Necine and can often be found for relatively cheap, though the prevailing wisdom would suggest that one gets what one pays for.



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