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Lake of Echoes

The Lake of Echoes is an arcane body of water in the Twilight region of The Feywild. A traveler approaching the lake is met with visions of distant memories which grow increasingly more vivid the nearer they get to the water. Reaching the banks of the lake is thought to provoke "echoes" of such clarity as to make them tangible.


According to legend, those drawn in by this power often lose themselves completely--dying slowly and painlessly by the lakeside as they live out illusions of lives that were never theirs. It is said that the lake consumes the true memories of these unfortunate souls as it pulls them down to its depths. The water itself is believed to have unique and potent alchemical properties, but no study has ever been successfully attempted.


Twig Treefog cautioned The Party against traveling past this lake on their way to Sunhallow, suggesting it was extremely dangerous--especially for those without a strong grasp of their own memories.

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