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The Cult of the Gods of the Dome

The Cult of the Gods of the Dome are a group of eight kobolds who presently occupy Vornaar's cottage in The Fellgleam. They were led there by the party and asked to keep it organized and safe, doing just as the Gods of the Dome would have them do.



  • Gak, the leader
  • Chon, the handsome
  • Zett
  • Novv
  • Tog
  • Teppe
  • Rass
  • Sota

The Gods of the Dome

Prior to meeting the party, the kobolds were nine in number and led by one called Geddek. The nine had set up camp within some large ruins in the Fellgleam. Having come into possession of Threads of the Old Weave, Geddek had evidently managed to trap or otherwise disable a cyclops nearby. By what means (or to what end) is presently unknown.


One stormy evening, the party--having exited The Feywild and materialized out of nowhere next to the kobold camp--swiftly took shelter beneath Algernon's signature Tiny Hut. In this way, the party themselves eluded the kobolds' watch. However, the creatures soon came to investigate the dome that had suddenly appeared in the middle of a thunderstorm.


Through a combination of Thaumaturgy, Grihymm's thundering breath weapon, and excellent performances by the whole party, all but the leader of the kobolds was convinced they were in the presence of gods. After Geddek failed to disabuse the others of this belief, they mutinied against the one now called heretic and forced him to flee. Or so it appeared, before Geddek came rushing expeditiously by with an enraged cyclops lumbering behind. Soon, this cyclops stood atop the Dome itself, shouting with fury at the kobolds around him (less Geddek, who continued to retreat into the forest). The giant would, however, not remain there for long.


Using his newly bestowed Feytouched ability to bargain with fate, Murmus Bigtoe Inflicted some devastating Wounds upon the giant. He dis this while only reaching his hand through the Tiny Hut's outwardly opaque barrier. This kept his presence hidden from the kobolds, but the visual result was that of a Dome causing unimaginable pain to a massive creature that had dared to climb it.


Their religious zeal invigorated by the giant's screams, the eight kobolds finished the monster quickly; the divinity of this Tiny Hut had become inspituable.


These eight proudly gave their treasure (which still included Threads of the Old Weave) as offering to the mighty Gods of the Dome. They further agreed to follow and assist the visitors whose arrival the Gods foretold--a prophecy which the sky itself corroborated, thanks to Johann's skywriting.


The party may not presently know their fate, but they do not doubt their faith.

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