Even though you do not come from Fey blood, all Fey you encounter will recognize you as Feytouched and treat you as one of their own. You know the customs and culture of Fey society and find acceptance in their communities. When leaving the Feywild, you automatically succeed on any saving throws needed to retain your memories of your stay. Such memories can be jumbled or a little hazy (and may contribute to eccentric behaviors), but they remain intact overall.


Your connection to the Fey also grants you a unique talent for magical mischief.



You have 1 Fey Magic point. Before making any attack roll, ability check or saving throw, you can spend this point instead of rolling. The result of your roll becomes a natural 20 and you may add any relevant modifiers to that 20. This does not guarantee a success on an impossible task (as the DC for a roll may be higher than 20 + your modifiers), but does afford you an uncanny ability to influence events.


Once you have expended your Fey Magic point, however, the balance you disrupted must be restored. While you have no Fey Magic available, the DM can (at any time) force the result of one of your rolls to be a natural 1. Your modifiers do not apply to this roll.


You regain your Fey Magic only after the DM has caused you to fail a roll.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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