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Lady Mallory's Tower

Lady Mallory's tower is an enormously tall and elegant structure around which the town of Witchmill was established. Not unlike its creator, little is known about its core function or design--though the innumerable, softly-glowing runes carved into its inner walls probably do something.   The vast majority of its innards are kept securely private. Despite its size, the only known occupants are Lady Mallory and her protege (and shopkeeper), Janice.


First Floor

The first floor of Lady Mallory's tower is entirely dedicated to The Tower Shop--otherwise simply called The Tower. It is a magical item shop and exchange comprised of a single large, circular room. Radial aisles of display cases are constructed around a central console which serves a variety of purposes. The shop actually has no official title. However visiting "the Tower" most often refers specifically to this shop, as the rest of the keep is off-limits to the public.


As Janice is the only one who seems to work there, the Shop keeps irregular hours. It sometimes closes and reopens multiple times in a day, with intermissions coming at the whims of the only apparent employee, Janice.


The Exchange

In addition to selling a constantly rotating stock of magical items, Janice has frequently been known to barter for others brought in by adventurers. Items acquired by the Shop in this manner do not go directly into the display cases, but rather into one of several, heavily-fortified chests built directly into the floor around a central console.


The Console & Elevator

The central console appears not only to control the arcane locks of the aforementioned chests, but it also acts as a control panel for significant, mechanical engines that can raise up (and lower) the entirety of the Shop floor like an elevator. During this transition, the ceiling of the shop opens outward from its center like an aperture--closing once again beneath the floor after a specific height has been reached.


The Party has experienced this ride multiple times. They would learn that it typically represents a gateway into the majority of Lady Mallory's tower. However, their very first trip led them into a trap--during which Janice seemed to disappear into a darkness revealed by the aperture above them. This left them in the company of four primitive, warforged-liked guardians who attacked them on sight (but whom they soundly defeated). Lady Mallory would later describe this as a sort of test to gauge their abilities, with which she seemed impressed.



The top floor of the tower is comprised of a circular balcony and docking bay for Airships. The party has visited it in Janice's company more than once--each time to meet with Cid. The probably-drunk, probably-a-pirate would provide them with swift and clandestine rides to both The Fellgleam and Kor Ellin at Janice's request.

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