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The Ascension War

The Ascension War is a popular (and slightly pejorative) term for an ongoing race to find and attune a mythic artifact called a Divine Spark. The term was originally coined by Linelian Fareyes in his massively popular book, On The Scourge of Acaesura.


According to legend, the Spark is the source of godhood; it is thought to be a conduit for channeling mortal attention to a particular domain of existence (such as War or Knowledge, for example) into wieldable, arcane influcence over that very domain.


Ozcymath's invasion during the events of The Demon War left little room for doubt that a Spark does indeed exist hidden somewhere in Acaelica. Although determining its location will be the first step, attuning to it is believed to be something altogether more challenging and dangerous.


The Search for the Spark

The Spark is theorized to require a tremendously powerful individual to harness its magic and survive. Acaelicans generally agree that the only among them capable of such a task are Palasar Tolthik of Highscale, Inibis Valmeia of Necine, and Taslyn Cordaer of Shade.

Presently, the "war" is a cold one. There has been nothing in the way of direct conflict between these people or their allies. However, it is no secret that each are pursuing the Spark in their own manner.


Whoever secures it will find themselves co-authoring the future of Acaelica and, to no small extent, the Multiverse itself. The question for many therefore becomes: Whose story deserves to be told?

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