Linelian Fareyes

Linelian Fareyes is one of Acaelica's preeminent scholars. He is famed for his dry wit as well as his incisive, unforgiving (and occasionally tactless) concision. He is also one of the most wealthy people alive, in large thanks to the massive success of his recent book On The Scourge of Acaesura.


...and one is forced to ask: Can we afford a new god? The last time we got one, life on this continent nearly ended--and if you could still ask our southern sister, she'd tell you that it did.


Nevertheless, I do not doubt the Spark's existence any more than I doubt the existence of its claimants. I trust you, then, to forgive a reminder that I have met each of Palasar, Inibis and Taslyn personally. Like so many of you, I was witness to their ability and to the victory we could never have claimed without them.


However, dear reader, it must be understood that powers beyond our conception are--at this moment--writing the story of our future. To know this is to condone wholistically its publication and there will be no editorial. It is true in many ways that we owe to these voltas our very lives, and so perhaps it is well that our story's ending is theirs to write.


Then again... perhaps not.

Linelian, excerpt from On The Scourge of Acaesura

Fame and Bravery

Linelian is reputably fearless with respect to his subject matter as well as a penchant for risking his life for accurate details. His works on alchemy, for example, have frequently involved the consumption of untested or unstable formulas that have, on more than one occasion, brought him to death's door.


His most famous work, On The Scourge of Acaesura, saw him fighting hand-to-hand the very demons he would come to write about. Linelian insists, however, that his writing was in this case incidental to a desire to combat the horde.


In Popular Culture

Linelian is responsible for coining a number of terms used in common parlance today, including the terms Ascension War (to refer to the ongoing race toward Acaelica's hidden Divine Spark) and Volta to refer to its three cardinal belligerents. The term Scourge of Acaesura is often miscredited to him as well, despite Linelian's own book crediting Lady Mallory with its coinage.


First Name Only

Linelian publishes all of his work under first name only. He claims to have begun this practice because "it made people think [he] was an elf... and it did not suit a broke, unknown minotaur to disabuse them of the notion." Although his fame and reputation precede him at this stage of his career, Linelian claims that it would "confuse new readers" if he were to begin publishing under his full name.


This practice has been criticized by many and, in particular, minotaurs attempting to follow in Linelian's footsteps as a scholar to the realm.

Biological Sex
323 lbs.


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Some great writing! I got a chuckle out of " did not suit a broke, unknown minotaur to disabuse them of the notion."

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