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Riverrock is a group of large, interconnected ruins near the northwestern edge of The Fellgleam.


The site's original name and function have seemingly been lost to time; this present moniker was bestowed by Cyrus and his subjects. The name was likely inspired by the ruins' location on a waterway, although it may also refer to the stone that constitutes the structures.




The Party's First Visit

Riverrock was Marin's home in his youth. The Party first visited the site while making amends to the embattled grung in trying to return him home.


The Deep

Riverrock is built above a series of tunnels that are clearly magical in nature. Filled with dangers--and with magical artifacts--grung and lizardfolk alike have been attempting for years to reach the bottom of the structure they call The Deep. While much progress has been made in this regard, none know for certain how far away that bottom actually is.

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