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The Sober Dwarf

Murmus: Why is it called the Sober Dwarf?


Birtorin: Because there's a first time for everything.


The Sober Dwarf is an inn and tavern situated in The Bluffs district of Necine. Although it counts two dwarves among its staff, the business is owned and chiefly operated by two half-elves named Birtorin and Urnianis Elmoscar.


General Description

As with many such places in the city, the inn's primary clientele are Necini from other districts staying mainly out of convenience.


In total, the inn has 21 rooms spread out across its three floors. Of these, one belongs to its owners and three more rooms are claimed by permanent residents unaffiliated with the business. This is not uncommon in Necine, where entertainment and amenity are often prized above independence and personal space. As it is considered taboo in Necine to trouble innkeepers, these living situations are considered among the most secure in the city.


The Sober Dwarf is extoled for for its sturdy construction which promises a quiet room even during the frequent live performances in the main hall.


Johann's Performance

On his first visit to Necine, Johann VonGruppen provided the Sober Dwarf with an especially memorable performance. It was so successful, in fact, that it earned free stays for Johann and his entire party. It also attracted a large number of Gutter Fey, which is considered an enormous compliment to Necini bards (though the magnitude of their applause was lost on Johann at the time).


In particular, Johann's inclusion of The Battle Hymn of Buhuhbluh earned the rapt attention of a peculiar elf he would come to call Friend.


No Thanks, Castian

Birtorin and Urnianis are both avid patrons of the arts in Necine. Their inn pointedly does not contain a receiver pane (although it is likely one could be afforded), as each prefers live music and storytelling to the novelty of the farcast.


Neither appears especially fond of Castian or his fanbase.

Alternative Names
The Dwarf
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